Tinsel Town


Every summer I stay on the Greek island of Samos.

My neighbour is Manolis, a fisherman in his eighties, living alone in a small house at the beach. Often he calls me in for a talk.


One day he told me this story at eight o’clock in the morning, while drinking a glass of whiskey together:

“You know, I look a lot like Kirk Douglas”, he confided in me, looking very seriously.

He proudly showed me a letter he received from the Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas, pictures and autographs included. As it turned out the fisherman just decided one day to send his portrait to Kirk, telling the famous actor how much they looked alike.

The rest is history, as they say. Tinseltown suddenly was just a letter away…


I started to search for the Tinseltown- feeling in his little Greek village. Every old man there used to be a fisherman, sailing the world. They don’t need Tinseltown in every day life. Traces of their past can be found in personal, hidden places, often only revealed when asked for. I intend to ask a lot.


The book 'Tinseltown' (snippet 1 #winter 2019) is Self Published and can be purchased for € 20,00.