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What if you were a Changeling? What if your perception of the past is completely different from the stories you were told by your family? How can it be that people who live together for decennia have completely different memories from one and the same moment? My sense of being a Changeling is something that many people experience. Since I found out that memories are playing tricks on us, I decided to create a fictional life, to make my own memories. In my project ‘Changeling’ I capture these memories by playing with the concepts of time, space and scale within an imaginary life. The title ‘Changeling’ orientates the lecture of the images, which convey a sense of nostalgia and sadness, as well as disorientation.

Photos influence and distort actual recollections of the past. There is always an element of wishful thinking in the choice of the photos that are made and kept; a way to construct your life story and present yourself in a certain light.

 My ‘Changeling’ series is about selective memory, it’s a story with holes. Zooming in and out of a family scene, while giving suggestion a bigger role.

The photographic concepts used in this series have been realized through analogue photography, polaroids and the use of different handcrafted blurring- and extricating techniques.

For special editions: mail me!




My neighbour at Samos island is Manolis.  One day he told me this story at eight o'clock in the morning, while drinking a glass of whiskey together: ''You know, I look a lot like Kirk Douglas'', he confided in me, looking very seriously. I started to search for the Tinsel Town-feeling in his little Greek village... 



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Pascale Hustings_hanging_from the series_depth of field
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Schermafbeelding 2020-12-01 om 13.55.47kopie
Schermafbeelding 2020-12-01 om 13.55.57kopie
website blauwe punaises vlinder manolis kopie
_MG_9610-Neochori Spiti-Pascale Hustings
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Neochori Spiti was made in a small Greek mountainvillage. Due to the lack of possibilities for making a living or finding a job the inhabitants left for the main land. 

The house seems to wait for its owners to return, while the available light caresses the traces people left behind.

_MG_9610-Neochori Spiti-Pascale Hustings
_MG_9612-Neochori Spiti- Pascale Hustings
_MG_9629-Neochori Spiti- Pascale Hustings
_MG_9622-neochori Spiti- Pascale Hustings
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Selfpublished handmade artist photobook.

21 + 10AP

To be released in 2023:

various special editions.


Pascale Hustings_room_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_empty_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_verte_from the series_ 21 NYX BLVD_01
Pascale Hustings_orange dremin'_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_forest_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_a stranger's memory_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_home_from the series_21 NYX BLVD_03
Pascale Hustings_to the attic in my head_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_Luigi'scrown_ from the series_21 NYX BLVD_02
Pascale Hustings_starmaker_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings__insomnia_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
websiteraam huis christos
Pascale Hustings_castle_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_Aspro dhío_from the series_21 NYX BLVD
Pascale Hustings_Balos_from the series_ 21 NYX BLVD


Polaroids made by me.

I am on the way and make notes, I recognize moments in time. 


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website blauw kerkdak
website sea red
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I've been travelling the islands of Greece since a quarter of a century and I keep on dancing...

. The  Aegean light makes the architecture and the landscape a constant wonder.


Often series start with a booklet dummy, I still keep on making them as a first sketch of things to come...

Leporello I wonder where I
Leporello I wonder where II
booklet dummy ' rituals'
Page from booklet dummy 'rituals'
voorzijde gecomponeerde poetische dia's boekje
blz twee gecomponeerde dia's boekje
blz drie gecomponeerde poetische dia's boekje
blz vier gecomponeerde poetische dia's boekje
achterzijde gecomponeerde poetische dia's boekje
voorzijde bloemenboekje getekend
blz twee getekend bloemenboekje
blz drie getekend bloemenboekje
blz vier getekend bloemenboekje
blz vijf getekend bloemenboekje
achterzijde getekend bloemenboekje
voorkant geschept papier boekje met zwembroek dame
binnenzijde geschept papier boekje
binding binnenzijde geschept papier boekje
geschept papier boekje stempel pagina
achterzijde geschept papier boekje
blz 1 witte kat polaroid tekeningen boekje
blz twee en drie geflitst jongetje en BW  groep kinderen in tuin polar
blz vier en vijf polaroid tekeningen hondje en stel bij trap boekje
blz zes en zeven polaroid tekeningen boekje blauwe jongen
blz acht en negen polaroid tekeningen boekje BW stel bij houten toren
blz tien en elf polsroid tekeningen boekje rode accenten BW
blz twaalf polaroid tekeningen boekje jongen
blz dertien polaroid tekeningen boekje meisje
blz 14 polaroid tekeningen boekje honkballer in tuin
blz 15 polaroids getekend boekje hinkballer voor grote boom in tuin
blz 16 getekende polaroids boekje rode boom voor rood huis in sneeuw
blz 17 getekende polaroids boekje meisje in sneeuw bij rode heg
blz 18 getekende polaroids boekje vrouw en kind op gele bank
blz 19 getekende polroids boekje jongetje op trap en gele bank
blz 20 getekende polaroids boekje bloemetjes bed
blz 21 getekende polaroids boekje blauw bed
blz 22 getekende polaroids boekje vier mensen in kamer met glazen deur
blz 23 getekende polaroids boekje gezin op bank in huiskamer
blz 24 getekende polaroids boekje kind met feestmuts in kimderstoel
blz 25 getekende polaroids boekje kind met rode feestmuts in kindersto
blz 26 getekende polaroids boekje wijzend kind aan tafel
blz 27 getekende polaroids boekje vissend jongetje aan water
blz 28 getekende polaroids boekje meisje met schildpad
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 9_totaal_feller ko
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 10_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 7_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 5_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 6_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the city_illustraties_blog 4_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 3_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_illustraties_blog 2_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the City_ illustraties_blog 8_totaal kopie
Pascale Hustings_Art and the city_ illustraties_Blog 1_totaal kopie
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poster voor het eiland Leros
poster voor het eiland Leros
Logo Flavorful Sandstone
Paper art illustration


Commissioned graphic design and illustrations for numerous projects.

Want me to design something for you? I'm available for your UI UX Website design/ Logo/ Branding/ Flyer/ Bookdesign and Illustrations.

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